How Did Rebel Wilson Lose 77 Pounds (Her Eating Habits Now?)

Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is a prominent Australian celebrity who now works as a comedian, singer, writer, and producer in Hollywood. Apart from her brilliant career in the entertainment industry, she is also well-known for having a positive attitude towards a bit bulky figure.  She does not mind joking about her own plus-size figure and asking others to do the same, without being ashamed of it. She takes the stage for performing comedy shows on this subject, which is very popular now all over the USA.

However, Wilson decided to lose at least 60 pounds of weight in 2020, which she declared as her “Year of Health”. She really shed off 77 pounds by the end of that year, just by following some simple techniques. Her determination showed her the way to lose weight and maintain her current slimmer figure, which she wants to share with others.

Weight loss secrets and healthy lifestyle of Rebel Wilson

 Take care of yourself – Everyone should love themselves and try to boost self-confidence. Wilson shared that she writes down all positive feelings about herself within the time set for this task. She still vents out all her emotions on a paper and finds it easier to reflect on herself after reading those writings aloud. She also writes down 5 things for which she is grateful on that day. Each achievement towards her visceral fat loss is also noted down, to see how close she is to her ultimate goal.

 Be honest with yourself – A person should set realistic goals that he/she can expect to achieve, instead of running after something impossible. Wilson wrote a letter to herself at the beginning of 2020 that she would improve her health condition to make herself feel more comfortable. She made sure to achieve that goal which was set according to her capabilities. So, all overweight people should set weight-loss goals within a definite period, to make themselves healthier.

 Determine your “why”

An overweight person should ask himself/herself the reason for which he/she wants to become slimmer. Wilson discovered that she wanted to lose weight so that she

could conceive before menopause. As she was once detected with polycystic ovarian syndrome many years back, it was important for her to shed excess weight to fulfil her dream. Likewise, everyone should find the reason for weight loss that can motivate him/her to reach the desired goal.

Consider meditating

Stress is one of the major factors that make people gain weight very quickly. Thus, overweight people need to reduce this mental stress and meditation is one of the best techniques to handle this issue. Wilson opens a meditation app whenever she feels too stressed and meditates with the guidance provided by that app. Regular meditation has decreased her habit of emotional eating which was mainly due to her stressed mind.

Meal plan weight loss

An unhealthy and non-planned diet is a prime reason for obesity. People need to plan their meals so that they can have a balanced diet every day. Wilson said that she had the habit of eating too many junk foods since her childhood, which mounted her calorie intake to 3000 – 4000 calories a day. So, she planned her meal to reduce the daily calorie intake to 1500 calories or even lesser. She maintained this diet chart throughout the entire “Year of Health” to reduce her body weight. She found that the intake of protein makes her feel energetic, for which she decided to stick to a high-protein diet. Everyone should follow her example and plan their meals so that they can remain healthy while reducing their daily calorie intake.

 Weight loss chart ideas

The maintenance of a chart is prescribed by obstetricians so that an overweight person can check the progress of his/her weight loss plan. He/she should measure the body weight at regular intervals to fill up this weight loss chart. Rebel Wilson maintained a weight loss chart throughout the year. She walked and followed a workout regime, and avoided all calorie-rich foods to reduce her excess body fat. Since it may not be possible to check weight every day, people should check their weight at least once a week and fix a day and time in the week for this task. So, it is advised to buy a weighing scale to record body weight at home.

 Weight loss plan

People feel weight loss programs are very difficult for them, which is not true. Wilson created a simple weight loss planner where she did not starve herself nor go through a tough workout regime. She went for walk and took extra care of her wellness so that she could

feel happy and energetic. She included all healthy and low-calorie foods in her daily meals, to gradually decrease her obesity. So, overweight people should make a weight loss planner as per the suggestions of their obstetricians. They need to write all the plans made for achieving this goal on this planner. So, they can check this planner regularly and find if there is any error in following these plans or if any correction is needed there.

Diet plan for weight loss

A definite diet plan is essential for the weight loss of an overweight person. This diet plan should be prepared with the advice of an expert dietician only. The calorie intake in a day should be counted to find if it is appropriate to reach the weight loss goal. Only suitable foods that fit into this diet plan should be eaten daily. But the person concerned should be happy to eat those foods for a long time. This diet plan should be analyzed and tracked according to the progress in losing weight. Wilson strictly maintained her diet plan, for which she eventually lost 77 pounds by the end of that year.

Weight loss diet

Rebel Wilson was very foodie earlier. But she followed a strict diet comprising tasty fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. She follows this diet even now to maintain her current slim look though she is a bit lenient on her foods presently. Similarly, everyone should take healthy vegetables, like carrots, beans, and spinach, along with avocados, cucumber, apples, oranges, and other fresh fruits. Pulses, oats, nuts, skimmed milk, vegetable salad, buttermilk, and wholegrain bread can be included in the weight loss diet of an obese person.

If an overweight person follows all these tips of Rebel Wilson, he/she is bound to lose weight eventually in a definite period

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